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Wellness at its best


The Icing on the Well-Being Cake

Our small and unique spa offers special moments of relaxation, contentment and a sense of letting go. 

Enjoy treatments like Finnish sauna, steam bath, bio sauna, infrared sauna, Kneipp pool and Via Mala thunderstorm path. Enjoy the whirlpool with outdoor bubble loungers where you can take in the view of the Weisshorn mountain peaks. Finish the experience off with a relaxation room and refreshing drink.

Natural Relaxation

Shan (Chinese) means “Mountain Nature” 

Indulge in the essence of ‘shan’ with The Wellness & Spa offers using medicinal herbs from the mountain world, massages, various saunas, cosmetic treatments and peaceful meditative practices. 

THERAPY DATES: More information to follow


Body and Soul Sauna Session

Sauna Sessions are the ultimate wellness practice as they increase metabolism and circulation, strengthen the immune system and exfoliate the skin. 

We have a variety of individual options available to you – ranging from the hot Finnish sauna, the bio sauna and the infrared sauna at the Shan Spa. 

The eucalyptus steam bath clears the airways and opens your lungs. 

The Kneipp pool and the Via Mala thunderstorm path are unique sensory experiences and invigorate tired bodies. 

Treat yourself to an individual massage or a special health treatment and deepen your relaxation.


All guests over the age of 14 are welcome.

Day Spa

For our external guests the Spa is open from Monday to Friday from 13.00 to 20.00. 

Single entry: CHF 28.00 

Locals of Tschiertschen-Praden:

Single admission: CHF 23.00

Included are:

Refreshing drink in the relaxation room

Terry towels

Shampoo & shower gel


Exceptional relaxation

Finnish sauna

Hot, dry air gets your circulation moving and stimulates the blood supply to your muscles.

Steam bath

Eucalyptus steam benefits your respiration, skin and hair.

Bio sauna

Revitalising, comforting and warm; essential oils and herbal fragrances detoxify your body.

Infrared sauna

Particularly recommended for muscle tension, joint pain and general exhaustion; for anyone who finds the intense heat and high humidity of a sauna too challenging.

Kneipp pools

Sitting on the warm stone bench and wading in the water in the Kneipp pool stimulates circulation and promotes arterial blood flow. The ideal way to prevent varicose veins.

Via Mala Thunderstorm Walk

A unique shower experience, like hiking the Via mala gorge in a thunderstorm.

Open-air spa bath with bubble loungers:

Relax on a bubble lounger in the lovely warm hot tub and take in the wonderful, fresh Tschiertschen mountain air. The perfect way to unwind!

Quiet room with soft drinks:

We recommend that you take breaks of 20 to 40 minutes between sauna sessions. You should also drink lots of fluids to replace those lost by your body through sweating.