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Tschiertschen Mountains IMG_5686 (c) Pavel Laurencik for The Alpina.JPG

Your host

The new host at Alpina Mountain Resort is Ramona Raffl. Although not entirely new to the area, as she spent her childhood in beautiful Tschiertschen. Along with her new team, Ramona aims to provide exceptional service and special offerings for body, mind, and soul, creating a peaceful retreat in harmony with nature for her guests. In an era dominated by digitalization, where personal time is often scarce, they strive to offer a unique sanctuary that allows guests to appreciate the wonders of nature, both big and small.

Ramona Raffl is not only your host but also an accomplished health coach with years of experience in coaching, Access Bar therapy, and hypnosis. For her, it is a perfect combination of hospitality and health expertise, enabling her to provide optimal support for guests' relaxation and rejuvenation.

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